We take pride in crafting our wine to be one of the best in the world and we want you to be able to ensure that every bottle you purchase is genuine.

Pinea’s #ConnectedBottle NFC technology gives our Pinea fans the ability to verify the authenticity of their Pinea wine. In addition, an opportunity to access unique content to enter more deeply into the activities in our winery, such as harvest updates, interviews with the winemaker, conversation with the founders, downloads photographs, etcetera.

The PINEA #ConnectedBottle technology is an added feature on all wine shipped from our winery during 2019 and bottles of future Vintages (2017 and later) and where a #ConnectedBottle icon (is featured on the back label.  Please note that this feature was incorporated into bottles shipped after January 2019 and accordingly, some bottles of Pinea and “17 by Pinea” shipped prior to that date, while genuine, may still not be equipped with the #ConnectedBottle technology.

Steps to Read PINEA’s Connected Bottle:

Using the camera on your phone, scan the QR Code on the back label. A browser window will open to our #ConnectedBottle site.

Users of Apple Devices such as iPad or iPhone, will be directed to download the Pinea app that will allow you to scan the #ConnectedBottle logo with your device.

To use the NFC technology with your Apple device, you’ll need an iPhone 7 or newer that’s also running iOS 12 software.

Android users will be directed to scan the #ConnectedBottle logo with your phone.

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