KORDE: the connection of hearts through words

(Pr: “Core-deh”; word used by vaccean tribes, the original settlers of this part of the Hispanic peninsula) 

KORDE: the connecttion of hearts through words

(Pr: “Core-deh”; word used by vaccean tribes, the original settlers of this part of the Hispanic peninsula) 

Korde is a family of wines made from the heart. Projects of very limited editions but with character, a true reflection of what we intend to show through our elaborations: the authenticity and sobriety of this land based on tradition and ancestral techniques but providing innovation and modern techniques to seek excellence in each project.


KORDE is a unique rosé, made with 100% red grapes of the Tempranillo varietal, from a careful selection of clusters from our “La Encina” vineyards. These 40-year-old vines are planted at 3,050 feet above sea level in white sandy limestone soils, and a special bio-climate environment that gives KORDE grapes a super balance of acidity and flavor.

KORDE is fermented in ceramic eggs with extreme controls of temperature and careful maceration to maintain its rosé structure and minerality. It is then aged in French oak barrels from the famous tronçais and bertranges forests, made with staves of extra fine grain and medium toasting. The time of construction in barrel enriches our wine with delicate toast notes that, when combined with the freshness of the fruit, make Korde an expressive and elegant rosé of great depth.

Visibly clean with aromas of raspberries, currants and black plums. And delicate citrus notes and subtle floral aromas.

The great depth, the abundant presence of fruit notes, minerality and subtle tannins make this a rosé ideal to be paired with spicy dishes. Although its beautiful aromas make it great when enjoyed by itself, we recommend to enjoy in good company and discovering the experience of a rosé wine that embodies the connection of hearts through words.


KORDE Blanc is an unctuous wine produced with Albillo Mayor grapes. The 2021 release is Pinea’s debut vintage and very first white wine. Although grapes of the Tempranillo varietal are the primary grapes grown in Pinea’s estate, our most mature vineyards grow other grape varietals, such as Bobal and Albillo. The very small quantity of white grapes are selected and harvested before the Tempranillo used for our red wines. After careful vinification, the wine ages in French oak barrels. The result is a unique white wine with tremendous structure and viscose texture, abundant aromas of flowers and fruits, and complex flavors with a creamy, persistent finish. Only a few bottles can be produced, which is what our vineyards allow.

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