KORDE Rosé 2020
100% Tempranillo. DO Ribera del Duero

Folk tradition setting the trend. A “clarete” that reinterprets the true tradition of Ribera and reminds us why it was and still is essential.

  • KORDE Rosé is synonymous with personality, brightness and freshness. A wine so tasty and expressive that you can’t miss it

Tasting notes

Ageing: 1 winter Keep: 10 years

A full-bodied, bright rosé wine, with orange and golden glints acquired during the ageing in barrels.

Clean, with abundant and intense primary and secondary aromas dominated by red fruits (raspberries and strawberries), citrus fruits (orange peel) and delicate floral notes. There are also subtle toasted notes typical of French oak barrels, such as brioche, biscuit and patisserie.

Medium-high acidity and remarkable body, which makes it an intense wine from the beginning, with a long finish. Rose, strawberry, raspberry and apricot with the prelude to deeper and more complex flavours such as biscuit, toast or vanilla notes. A complexity that challenges the senses and will surprise with new flavours in every sip.

KORDE Rosé 2020, in detail

Alcoholic content: 14º

Own vineyards:
KORDE is a rosé made from Tempranillo grapes selected from a very specific area of ‘Cardisanto’, our most expressive vineyard. On this peak, at an altitude of 885 metres (one of the highest in Ribera del Duero), temperature changes are even greater than in the rest of the designation of origin, with snowy winters, very hot summers, and temperature fluctuations of more than 20ºC between night and day. These vines grow on hills where they receive enormous sun exposure, on chalky, sandy soils. The particular features of the surroundings and the unique characteristics of Cardisanto give the fruit a deep personality, reflected in every bottle of KORDE Rosado.

Harvest by hand:
The grapes were harvested by hand on 21 September in the early hours of the morning to maintain the freshness of the grapes and the smooth skin. Afterwards, a careful selection process was carried out in the winery.

Vinification and ageing:
After spending 13 hours in tank, a slight bleeding was done to extract only the lightly coloured yolk must, without pressing or overheating, and transferred to concrete eggs, which favours brightness and preservation of varietal aromas, giving it a mineral touch loaded with elegance and subtlety.

The first pre-fermentation phase was carried out for 72 hours with the must at 6º to maintain all its liveliness, aromatic capacity and fresh, penetrating fruit fragrances. The temperature gradually increases until the indigenous yeasts come into action on their own, carrying out a slow, controlled fermentation at 18º.

Once fermentation was completed, the wine was transferred to new medium-toasted, extra-fine grain French oak barrels for a short ageing period of 6 months, giving the wine toasted notes which, together with the freshness of the fruit, make for a surprising and original blend loaded with depth.

Bottling date: 18/05/2021

Release date: 02/06/2021

Number of bottles: 2,000

Presentation formats: 750mL

Recommended consumption:
It is ready to enjoy as soon as it is in your hands but spending at least 1 year in bottle helps it to reach its best expression.

We recommend serving the wine at 8-9º.

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KORDE Rosé, discover tradition made groundbreaking


Food pairing | KORDE Rosé

“Korde rosé is both primal and modern. As such, it goes amazingly well with hot, spicy finger foods, such as Mexican tacos, Indian thali or Neapolitan pizza, refreshing their spicy power and refining the powerful flavour of these savoury dishes.”

David Ayala,Director técnico de PINEA

Vintages of KORDE Rosé

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