A dream

The PINEA story is really a love story. Love of wine and love of the northern Ribera del Duero, where the character of the Tempranillo grape is brought out like nowhere else in the world.

A purpose

Vicente Pliego and Hugo Del Pozzo, two childhood friends, turned their passion for wine culture into their life, with the firm intention of making a definitive wine. It would be a wine destined to match the greatest in the world and capable of expressing the magnificent attributes of this land they dared to dream of thousands of miles away.

Because the history of PINEA is also an epic tale.

“I have been asked many times: how does a madman start living a dream? And I believe that a madman can’t live a dream if he doesn’t have another madman with him”

Vicente, Founder of Pinea

“Somebody once said that with passion and determination, there is nothing that can’t be achieved. To achieve some of the best wines in the World, you must also have a privileged Terroir and the support of the Best Partner one can hope to have in any successful endeavour.”

Hugo Del Pozzo, Co-founder of Pinea

Understanding the divine element behind the creation of a wine gives us the humility to create something unforgettable.

A wine made with the heart, irresistible to the soul and the senses.

Passion as a driving force

Respect for origins and the reinterpretation of traditions as a road map

  • PINEA’s roots lie in passion, knowledge and art. We make signature wines, which we produce with soul, vision and deep respect for their origin. To do this, we listen to every bit of our soil, trying not to overshadow what nature gives us with over-ripening or excessive wood.
  • The project represents a symbiosis between origin and change. Between a deep respect for the noble attributes of this land and its centuries-old traditions, and the constant exploration of new paths to forge a legacy of our own.

The value of Terroir

Such a special wine can only be produced in a wonderful place. The PINEA vineyards grow in the northern part of Ribera del Duero. Located at an average altitude of 900 metres above sea level, our vines represent the perfect confluence of elements: unique soil, a demanding environment and an adverse climate.

A constant quest in harmony with the wisdom of the vine.

From respect and love for the land to a slow understanding of its harmony and biorhythms, our work in the field represents an alliance with biodiversity, centuries-old traditions and the incorporation of the most established practices of biodynamics.

Manual harvesting and a sustainable viticulture model are the key to ensuring that our wines are a true reflection of the terroir from which they come and that the grape retains its prominence. We select only the best bunches from the Pinea Estate.

We respect the wisdom of the vine, supporting it but leaving it to its own devices within a controlled process in which nothing is subject to chance.

A great wine is not created by chance; it’s the result of a great choice. It’s a reflection of a place; a story; simple truths and tiny details that crystallise into something truly touching.
This fusion allows us to turn make something special extraordinary.

Our vine-growing and wine-making work is achieving rising curve of elegance and perfection resulting in complex, expressive, rounded wines with deep personality produced with the best grapes, artisanal work and years of ageing in French oak.

Sublime wines to be enjoyed at leisure.


Our winemakers, David Ayala – technical director – and Andrés Vignoni – consultant winemaker – are true two craftsmen of the terroir. They are joined by a great team of people who apply passion to vine-growing and to each of the processes related to the winery.

Creating one of the best wines in the world requires courage but, above all, sensitivity, determination, knowledge and honesty.

“Respecting and not disguising the origin in our winemaking and taking care of every detail to create great wines that will last a long time”

David Ayala, Technical Director

“PINEA combines a kind of traditional place with a modern input. This allows us to reinterpret an area with a long track record and a successful, well-known history, based on innovation”

Andres Vignoni, Consultant Winemaker

Our winery

From a small room and a few barrels to a unique hidden place that celebrates the elegance of simplicity.

Standing in Quintanamanvirgo, Burgos, in the north of Ribera del Duero, the building is a metaphor for the spirit of PINEA. It’s a highly intimate project, based on quality and the creation of great wines that transcend time.

We redefined spaces, creating a monumental building that protects what we love most from the weather and using gravity to give the grapes everything they need.

Our barrel room is designed to make strategic use of waste and to ensure the construction is thermally efficient without having to be artificially heated. We have found the perfect place for our wines.

Rewarded for our determination.

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