«”The 99 points PSOUL is one of Top 5 Spanish scoring wines in the past decade»

Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast scores make PINEA the winery with the best portfolio in Spain

PINEA has received some of the highest scores in the history of the publication.

In the May 2024 issue, our wines have reached the Top 1 in the Red and White category.

With 99 PSOUL -our most exclusive and limited label-, it has become one of the highest rated wines by the magazine in the last decade.

Our wines rated byWine Enthusiast:

A history of excelence in the world of wine

Wine Enthusiast magazine has been a key reference in the world of wine since its creation in 1988. Founded by Adam Strum, the publication was born as an extension of his wine accessories retail business, Wine Enthusiast Companies. Since its inception, the magazine has distinguished itself for its accessible and educational approach, offering wine reviews, wine pairing tips and articles on wine regions.

During the 1990s, Wine Enthusiast expanded its content to include interviews with key industry figures, reports on emerging trends and analysis of international markets. The introduction of its 100-point scoring system was a significant milestone, allowing consumers to compare the quality of different wines in a simple way.

With the advent of the digital age, Wine Enthusiast was able to adapt and launched its website, which offered exclusive content such as videos and blogs. The online presence allowed the magazine to reach a global audience, and its adoption of social media facilitated interaction with readers and relevance in a changing media landscape.

Throughout its history, Wine Enthusiast has been recognised for its contribution to wine culture. Its annual Wine Star Awards celebrate influential individuals and companies in the industry. As well as being a source of information and entertainment, the magazine has played a crucial educational role, demystifying wine for the average consumer and encouraging a deeper appreciation of the drink.

From its humble beginnings, Wine Enthusiast has evolved to become an undisputed authority on the world of wine. Its ability to adapt to technological change, its commitment to quality and education, and its global influence have been key to its success. Today, it remains a vital source of information and inspiration for wine lovers, cementing its legacy as one of the most important publications in the wine world.

The Wine Enthusiast method

They score out of 100 on a scale ranging from the best to not recommended:

  • 95-100 OUTSTANDING
  • 90-94 EXCELLENT
  • 85-89 VERY GOOD
  • 80-84 GOOD
  • 75-79 MEDIOCRE

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Aroma and Bouquet: The primary and secondary aromas of the wine are evaluated, as well as its bouquet (the set of aromas that develop with maturation).Se evalúan los aromas primarios y secundarios del vino, así como su bouquet (el conjunto de aromas que se desarrollan con la maduración).
  • Flavour and Body: Includes the evaluation of the intensity of flavour, complexity and balance of the wine.
  • Texture and Tannins: The mouthfeel of the wine, including texture, smoothness, and the presence and quality of tannins in reds.
  • Finish: The length and quality of the aftertaste of the wine.
  • Balance: This considers how all the elements of the wine (acidity, alcohol, sugar, tannins) are balanced.

Tasting Process:

  • Blind tasting: To ensure impartiality, the wines are tasted blind, i.e. the tasters do not know the identity of the wine while evaluating it.
  • Panel of Tasters: Wine Enthusiast has a panel of expert tasters who carry out the evaluations. These tasters have extensive experience and knowledge in wine tasting.
  • Consistency: Wine Enthusiast tasters seek to maintain consistency in their evaluations through a standardised methodology.

Rewarded for our determination.

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