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Exploring the Wine Roads:
James Suckling’s journey to the pinnacle of wine reviewing

“A good wine must excite me,
like a good book or a great love”

James Suckling

A passion for wine was already flowing through James Suckling’s veins at an early age. Born in Los Angeles, California, he grew up surrounded by the passionate influence of his wine-loving father. Although he did not initially envisage a future so closely associated with the drink, life had other plans for him.

His journalistic career began in 1978, when he was hired by a local newspaper, covering crime and events. Gradually, he developed his gift for written communication, a skill that would shape the course of his life. However, everything would change one day as he flipped through the pages of the Los Angeles Times: an ad for the magazine Wine Spectator magazine caught his eye. Following in his father’s footsteps, he applied for a job at the wine publication, and fate smiled on his boldness.

In 1982, he settled in bustling San Francisco, the heartland of the magazine, and began to delve into the intriguing world of wine. Blind tastings and meetings with experts became his routine, as he challenged himself to explore the iconic wine regions of the world. In 1984, he set out on a real journey to the Old Continent, where he surrounded himself with the best specimens Europe had to offer.

Although he became one of the most respected critics in the industry – a man whose word was law – James Suckling decided to go his own way in 2010. He left his position at Wine Spectator and announced to the world that he was starting his own website: jamessuckling.com. With a unique approach, it sought to go beyond traditional reviews and scores, offering a complete experience for wine lovers.

On his website, Suckling combines a variety of formats, from written articles to blogs and videos. Its ratings of up to 100 points are coveted by producers all over the world. For him, a wine that scores over 90 points is outstanding, and an exceptional purchase. His tasting process focuses on the harmony and balance of all the characteristics of the wine, seeking excitement in every sip.

Today, this passionate wine reviewer is recognised as “one of the most powerful wine critics in the world” by Forbes magazine. His journey has been an odyssey full of emotions and flavours, leaving an indelible mark on the wine industry and proving that a good wine can move the soul just like music, literature or love. With his pen and his palate, James Suckling has taken wine to the top, inspiring generations of wine lovers and producers alike.

The Suckling method

He gives scores out of 100 and writes only about wines he gives more than 90 points


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