KORDE Tinto 2022
A blend of red and white varieties. DO Ribera del Duero

Korde Tinto is a wine that takes the essence of the KORDE range to its ultimate consequences: la atypicality and the breaking of paradigms.

  • KORDE Tinto is a light, low extraction red wine, distinguished by its freshness and intense aromas of red and citrus fruits. Its vibrant acidity and extremely delicate tannic texture complete a unique sensory experience.
  • The 2022 harvest was characterised by a cold and dry winter, although the rains of the previous year allowed the accumulation of sufficient reserves for a stable phenological development of the vineyard. The vegetative cycle was advanced without significant frost or hail, with balanced budding and flowering. The vineyard maintained excellent health despite the drought, although some plots showed weaker vigour. The extremely hot summer and recurrent heat waves slowed veraison and resulted in less uniform ripening of the berries.

Tasting notes

Ageing: 2 winters Keep: 10 years

KORDE Tinto is a delicately light and subtle wine.

Its low, bright robe merges with a bouquet that floods the glass with intense aromas of red fruits and citrus.

On the palate, it reveals itself with a sharp profile, highlighted by a marked acidity that prolongs its presence. Its fine, elegant tannin offers an exquisite harmony on the palate.

KORDE Tinto 2022, in detail

Alcoholic content: 13,5%

Own vineyards:
KORDE Tinto comes from one of our oldest plots, whose vineyard register dates back to 1945, although it could be even older.

This plot, called “La Isa”, is very special and is located in an elevated moorland area, next to some almond trees, where there is a clay-limestone vein. In this vineyard there is a coplantation of different white and red varieties, among which Tinta Fina or Tempranillo predominates.

Harvest by hand:
19 September 2022.

Vinification and ageing:
Fermentation is carried out in a small press, using 50% whole grapes, some of which are crushed during vatting. During this process, the cap is soaked once a day to limit extraction, and devatting is carried out before fermentation is complete. Subsequently, malolactic fermentation takes place in a single 500-litre multi-purpose French oak barrel.

Bottling date: 21 March 2024

Release date: September 2024*

Number of bottles: 788

Presentation formats: 750mL

Recommended consumption:
The wine is ready to be enjoyed as soon as you have it in your hands, but spending 2 years in the bottle will do it good if you want to drink it at its best.

We recommend serving the wine at 15º.

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KORDE Tinto, a challenge to all expectations

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Pairing | KORDE Tinto

«KORDE Tinto is best paired with light, fresh dishes. A white fish ceviche, for example, beautifully complements the citrus nuances of the wine, while grilled chicken dishes with a red fruit reduction accentuate its elegance and delicate tannic texture. For a more sophisticated experience, I suggest pairing with duck breast or foie gras, which balance the acidity and enhance the fruity aromas. Fresh goat cheeses also offer a perfect match. This pairing will allow KORDE Tinto to unfold all its complexity and subtlety, offering an unparalleled gastronomic experience»

David Ayala, Technical Director of PINEA

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