KORDE Rosé 2022
Tempranillo. DO Ribera del Duero

KORDE Rosé is synonymous with personality, brightness and freshness. A wine that surprises everyone who has the privilege of tasting it.

  • The 2022 harvest was marked by a cold winter with little rainfall, due to extreme conditions not seen for years. However, the good reserves accumulated from the previous year allowed the vineyard to develop steadily despite the drought. Although there was some weakening of vigour in some plots due to the lack of rain.
  • The vegetative cycle was anticipated without frost or hail, with balanced budbreak and flowering. The summer was extremely hot, delaying veraison and berry ripening.
  • The grapes were harvested with excellent sanitary quality and without episodes of rain, allowing for a continuous harvest until the end of September.

Tasting notes

Ageing: 1 winter Keep: 10 years

A claret with a bright and defined cherry colour.

Its aroma is powerful, dominated by notes of strawberries combined with hints of citrus, while in the background subtle nuances of pastry can be perceived, the result of its delicate aging.

On the palate, it stands out for its freshness and purity, delighting the palate with a sweet and refreshing finish that invites further enjoyment.

KORDE Rosé 2022, in detail

Alcoholic content: 14,5º

Own vineyards:
KORDE is an aged claret made with Tempranillo grapes from ‘Cardisanto’, our most expressive vineyard. Situated at an average altitude of between 931 – 942 metres, this plot experiences very marked temperature changes, with snowy winters and hot summers, and large temperature fluctuations between day and night. The vines grow on hills with intense sun exposure, on sandy limestone soils. These unique conditions give the fruit a profound personality, which is reflected in every bottle of KORDE Rosé..

Harvested by hand:
The grapes were harvested on 19 September 2022 in the early hours of the morning to keep the grapes fresh and the skins smooth. After that, the grapes were carefully sorted in the cellar.

Vinification and ageing:
After being in tank for 7 hours, the must was lightly bled to extract the free-run juice, characterised by its lighter colour. One part was transferred to a concrete egg to carry out a controlled fermentation, while the other part was placed in 500-litre barrels, where the wine aged on fine lees for 6 months with periodic batonnage.

Bottling date: 18 April 2023

Release date: May 2024

Number of bottles: 1,410

Presentation formats: 750mL

Recommended consumption:
It is ready to enjoy as soon as it is in your hands but spending at least 1 year in bottle helps it to reach its best expression.

We recommend serving the wine at 8-9º.

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KORDE Rosé, discover tradition made groundbreaking


Food pairing | KORDE Rosé

“Korde rosé is both primal and modern. As such, it goes amazingly well with hot, spicy finger foods, such as Mexican tacos, Indian thali or Neapolitan pizza, refreshing their spicy power and refining the powerful flavour of these savoury dishes.”

David Ayala,Director técnico de PINEA

Vintages of KORDE Rosé

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